OFFSET x6 is the perfect sibling to the ATTENUVERT x6 – six DC offset channels in a slim package!

The module consists of six inputs, six outputs and six knobs. Each offset channel can offset AC or DC signals with +/- 5V DC. Without any signal connected to the inputs, the outputs generate adjustable +/- 5V DC voltages, which for instance could be handy for offsetting v/oct inputs on a VCO.

OFFSET x6 is a very useful utility module for tuning in DC offsets for modulation. Many digital modules only accept unipolar modulation (only positive voltages), and many modulation sources are bipolar (positive and negative voltages). OFFSET x6 makes it possible to “shift” the +/- 5V signal from an LFO to instead being a 0-10V signal. Use it in conjunction with ATTENUVERT x6 to also shape the amplitude and polarity of your modulation sources.


  • Size: 6 HP
  • Depth: 26 mm
  • Current draw: +15 mA / -15 mA