Bread & Butter is a General MIDI based polyphonic synth voice with 128 selectable instruments plus a drums preset. The sound banks have a synthetic and warm quality to them, and the variety of instruments makes this module a flexible and fun addition in any system.

Bread & Butter features the standard V/OCT and GATE inputs for triggering the synth voice. Thanks to a polyphony of up to 64, the voices will decay independently making it possible to ratchet chords that decay polyphonically. If the HOLD function is engaged, each note will also sustain. In addition, the MIDI input can be used simultaneously with the V/OCT and GATE inputs. For example; trigger the drums on MIDI channel 10 while generating a bass line via the V/OCT/GATE inputs. The synth voices can also be played polyphonically via MIDI.

The module features stereo outputs and the PAN knob lets you spread the polyphonic voices out in the stereo sound field. Parameters such as pitch bend, velocity and instrument selection can be voltage controlled.


  • Size: 6 HP
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Current draw: +51 mA / -12 mA
  • CV input range: +/- 5V
  • Gate input voltage: 3,3-10V
  • Polyphony: Up to 64 voices (40 voices with sustain)