EUCLIDEAN is a gate sequencer for the Eurorack format based on the euclidean algorithm. It is based on the euclidean DIY module developed by Music Thing Modular’s Tom Whitwell, and he has blessed this module with his approval.

The module consists of three channels of sixteen step sequences, and each channel can be set to any length, density and offset between one an sixteen. You get clear visual feedback due to the 8×8 matrix LED display, and setting each channel is easily done with the three encoders.

EUCLIDEAN is perfect for creating polymetric rhythms, odd time signature sequencing or clock division with a twist.

The module runs an internal clock set to 120 BPM by default, but can be triggered and reset externally. Each sequencer channel has a dedicated trigger output. In addition, the first channel has an inverted output that outputs triggers on every offbeat.


  • Size: 8 HP
  • Depth: 34 mm
  • Current draw: +62 mA
  • Trigger output voltage: 5V