The Sebsongs Modular SAMPLER is an intuitive 12 bit audio recorder and manipulator designed for short loops and one shots. Sounds can be recorded either with the built in microphone or a mono input jack, which can handle anything from a regular laptop or smartphone to modular level signals. The SAMPLER has granular control of the recorded audio and you can play around with pitch, forward and reverse, start position and loop length (or connect cv/gate to any parameter) to open up a world of interesting sounds!

The SAMPLER can be used in looping mode, where for instance time stretch like effects can be obtained easily by modulating the start parameter, or in one shot mode where the reset input is used to trigger playback of the recorded audio and the SAMPLER can function as a drum sample player.

The maximum recording length is around 3.5 seconds in the highest sample rate (pitch control fully forward or reverse). If you lower the pitch you get longer recording time. Change the pitch while sampling to obtain pitch fluctuations and tape stop effects.

Sound can be recorded either with the built in electret microphone or via mono input jack*. The audio input has enough gain for amplifying regular laptop or smartphone headphone outputs, and the input can also handle modular level signals.

* If connecting stereo signal from a laptop / smartphone via either TS or TRS mini jack cable it is advisable to pan the source fully left to avoid distortion.


  • Size: 8 HP
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Current draw: +106 mA / -12 mA
  • CV input range: +/- 5V
  • Gate input voltage: 3,3-10V
  • Sample rate: ~40 kHz down to 10 kHz depending on pitch setting
  • Bit depth: 12 bit